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Oliver from TMReuse (T&M Reuse LTD), has hired me for several web development services for their business. So, since they are not a new business, my work had mostly involved renovations.

TMReuse LTD, is a private company based in Yorkshire, licensed by the government, that specializes in recycling, disposal and repairs of IT Equipment, Office Electronics, Computers and other WEEE goods.

My tasks were to:
– Renovate their website (improve the old one with a new facelift)
– Made sure the site had a ‘responsive layout’ (this means it will look good on small devices too)
– Migrated from Joomla CMS to WordPress CMS (easier for them to post content on site)
– Migrated from their old hosting provider to another UK hosting provider (bigger servers to handle more traffic)
– Set-up online shop on eBay to sell refurbished goods.
– SEO/Google Search optimization work to build more exposure for the company’s online presence.
– Other online marketing work to help the company attract new clients.

Offline tasks included:
– Contribution to the designs of their flyers (for marketing)
– Contribution to the designs of their banners (outdoor signs)

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