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SpringAid Consultancy International C.I.C

The company:
SpringAid (SpringCo) empowers BME communities especially Africans in the Diaspora and at home to fight global poverty and Inequality.

My work:
I was hired by Valentine the CEO of to build a completely new informational website from the ground up.  The website would also have to be up to modern standards.

My tasks:
* Develop the website with modern standards with an easy-to-use Admin Backend
* Install a few tools in the backend to ensure the website would require less maintenance
* Create Social Media accounts & link them to the website , as well as across their respective platforms.
* Registered the domain name “”  (suggested by me, as its easier to pronounce/type)
* Registered the hosting accounts via an affiliate partner (In other words, I provided affordable web-hosting)
* Created the Logo
* Assisted with the Company’s financials (How to deal with Donations, Sponsorships, etc…)
* Created & registered private emails (eg. ceo@ staff@, etc…)
* Integrated the Google Business Suite  (Contacts, Calendar, Video Chat, Team Collaboration tools)
* Security work to ensure the website stays secure.
* Intergrated an e-Commerce suite  (If in the future they decide to do merchandising work, etc…)
* ….more work planned in the future as the company grows.




SpringAid Consultancy International C.I.C - SpringCo

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