As a 3rd side-project, AfroDose was a community site for music fans & a new platform to promote new urban music.

This site also served as a techinical demonstration of what’s possible on a music community portal/artist platform in comparison the likes of Soundcloud, Youtube, etc..

Noteable features from the music platform include:
– Mini Social Network (users can sign up & leave comments, share content, share their thoughts (statuses), interact with other fans on the site)
– Various content types include Songs, Lyrics, Videos
– 100% Responsive Design  (this means the site works with any device, big or small.)
– External social interactions (ie. Share Lyrics, Songs, Videos, to Facebook, Twitter, G+)
– A platform to showcase new emerging musicians
– and more…

Edit: As of 21 DEC 2014, The technology behind the site (audio scripts, custom coding, etc..) was sold off to another owner. Since i now no longer had control of the site, the address “” was deleted, as the new owner used another name instead. 😀